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Synonyms for episcopate

the term of office of a bishop

the territorial jurisdiction of a bishop

the collective body of bishops


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the office and dignity of a bishop

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Unfortunately, these were the work of only 15 per cent of the bishops involved and, thus, cannot be considered as representative of the episcopate as a whole.
In the conclusion, as is the case throughout the book, Bergin presents a carefully nuanced description of the development of the French episcopate over the course of the years 1661-1715.
With Crown, Church and Episcopate added to Making of the French Episcopate and the author's earlier books on Cardinals Richelieu and de la Rochefoucauld, as well as his articles and chapters in books, there can be no doubt that Joseph Bergin is now the leader in the field of the history of the seventeenth-century French Catholic Church.
While he says valuable things about the ecclesiology of Ignatius of Antioch, his argument that Ignatius witnesses to a ~cultural' rather than a ~territorial' episcopate does not convince.
Inculturation of the liturgy is another source of tension in many episcopates.
For instance, are such desicions imposed without consultation with the episcopate and without appropriate dialogue?
When this happens, in place of the dogmatic structure comprised of the pope and the rest of the episcopate, there emerges a new and threefold structure: the pope, the curia and the episcopate.