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the theological doctrine of church government by bishops

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True to his Gothic strain, Kirk abandoned Episcopalianism for Catholicism in, significantly, the year 1964: just after C.
These historical moves have occurred not because Episcopalianism is so theologically progressive but because its authority structures have not been strong enough to control or contain its internal revolutionary impulses.
The religious outlook of the officer corps, previously restrained Episcopalianism, tilted toward evangelical Christianity, and the makeup of the Chaplains' Corps followed suit.
4) Churchill, in The Inside of the Cup, told the story of a rector who, when faced with the task of pastoring a high-class church in a downtrodden area, converted from orthodox Episcopalianism to liberal, social Christianity.
government can no more promote 'ceremonial deism' than it can promote Episcopalianism, Islam or Mormonism.
And his brand of moderate Episcopalianism is less likely to accept certain arguments than his son's more fervent evangelical brand of Christianity.
Grotius commends both Anglican episcopalianism as well as Calvinist ecclesiastical polity.
s, socially astute wife Addie Cook Ghirardelli, meanwhile, attracted and entertained a broad circle of friends, dressed herself and her family in impeccable fashion while guiding them to Episcopalianism, and conceived a spectacular European grand tour for herself and her husband in 1912, when their children were mostly grown.
363-364); self-hating Jews, like Walter Lippmann (who, nationally and internationally, wrote nothing about the plight of his fellow-Jews throughout the Hitler period); Jews like Joseph Pulitzer, influential newspaper publisher who converted to Episcopalianism and had his children baptized, and who for "most purposes was not Jewish" (p.
Shattuck skims, over interracial developments within Southern Episcopalianism from emancipation to the challenge to Jim Crow in the 1950s.
She guesses it began with her father's Episcopalianism, although he converted to marry Kemeza's Irish Catholic mother.
The best examples of these are Anglicanism and Episcopalianism, where more authority is vested in a church hierarchy, and where there is more emphasis on a sacramental theology.
If one layers into this matrix Brooks' own conversion to Episcopalianism, then one can begin to understand the tensions and contradictions that are in play in Brooks's "community.
Catholicism, Protestantism, Episcopalianism, and Judaism consider it to be an act of charity.
He held that the former was the necessary spiritual orientation to lead ex-slaves away from the "religious extravagance" and "senseless enthusiasm" of their preferred Baptist faith, toward the rational, nonemotional cadences of Episcopalianism ("Piety, Moralism, and Enthusiasm," 1890, pp.