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an autonomous branch of the Anglican Communion in Scotland

United States church that is in communication with the see of Canterbury

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Two of the women were eventually ordained, one in the Episcopalian church and the other as a Congregationalist minister.
After gaining a wide following of over three million faithful, Gregorio Aglipay, its leader and co-founder, negotiated with the Episcopalian Church an affiliation that would grant his bishops official legitimacy.
Two days after the attack on the flotilla, the primate of the Episcopalian Church, Katharine Jefferts Schori, sent a letter to President Obama in which she criticized the blockade and said it would not achieve its objectives.
Ian Meredith's chapter on Irish Protestants in the Scottish Episcopalian Church begins a cluster of contributions which break new ground with fresh and exciting research.
After all, Reformed Protestantism was supposed to have been discredited by the Civil Wars and Interregnum, by the Puritan Revolution, and while the Reformed faith might survive among some of the Dissenting churchmen, the Reformed divinity and its adherents were supposed to have been purged from the restored episcopalian church by the Act of Uniformity in 1662.
Whatever worldly advantage this move to a new faith gave her, for she was also a bit of a social climber who did what it took to advance her agenda, she remained committed to the Episcopalian church until the end of her days.
Nearly half a century ago, it is said, the Episcopalian Church asked him for a formula for spotting long-term buying opportunities.
All Saints, a liberal Episcopalian church with a congregation of 3600, has been blessing same-sex unions for 16 years.
His dad, Episcopalian Church vicar the Rev William Mounsey, said: "The b***r better get in touch.
The film is likely to embarrass its ruling council, which includes Dr Idris Jones, Primus of the Episcopalian Church in Scotland, and headmaster Gordon Woods.
One of the final chapters comments on the divisiveness of homosexuality within the US Episcopalian church.
Either the Chatsworth Methodist Episcopalian Church, as it was originally named, moved or it would get knocked down.
Perhaps as many as 200 to 300 female deacons were ordained, but the Methodists, the two Presbyterian bodies, and the American Baptists ordained significantly more women to the office of deacon, and the Episcopalian church was ordaining women to be elders or priests.
Chris was curate at the downtown Episcopalian church and Julie was a co-worker of mine at the Pine Bluff Commercial--as was her brother, Tom Honeycutt, who would become the second editor of Arkansas Business.