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Synonyms for Episcopal

of or pertaining to or characteristic of the Episcopal church

denoting or governed by or relating to a bishop or bishops


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Fast-forward to 2000, where McDonald attended the annual Chicago Conference for the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
A Bishop's Tale addresses diverse themes, including the fortunes of Catholicism during confessional warfare and detente, popular religion, the enclosure of nuns, diocesan tensions with the Society of Jesus, clerical education and discipline, and the practical extent of episcopal power.
In fact, the Virginia Incorporation Act "established" the Episcopal Church as a privileged entity.
Eight Roman congregations cooperated in producing this text, which is a slap at episcopal collegiality in so far as it is addressed to the bishops as though they were under suspicion of not carrying out their episcopal obligations" (Il Regno-Attualita, 2/98, col.
Noting the proliferation of British West Indian-owned housing in the eastern city of Santiago in 1925, the Episcopal Bishop in Cuba concluded that the Jamaicans had become "permanent residents.
Jon Bruno, bishop diocesan of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, to help the fund-raising effort to build Gordon's House in memory of Reverend Canon Gordon G.
Under the settlement, which includes the Episcopal Church, the two congregations will make a payment (the amount of which was not disclosed) to the diocese and will be released from any claims or future liability arising from the litigation.
But a legal fight with the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles could result from the split and the ownership of the buildings, Poch said.
Ellen Barrett, the controversy over the consecration of the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church brings back memories.
Months after the Episcopal Church elected its first actively gay bishop, Gene Robinson, the dust has yet to settle.
The Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas received the five-year loan from Simmons First National Bank of Pine Bluff.
Vatican City--John Paul II will convene an extraordinary consistory May 21-24 of all the Church's cardinals in order to analyze, among other things, the Petrine ministry and episcopal collegiality.
He begins with an institutional study of episcopal office and the revenues that accompanied it and then looks at the nominees themselves, examining their social origins, education, clerical status, and activities prior to the call to episcopal office.
Luke's Episcopal Health System's efforts to standardize and automate the informed consent process as a means to enhancing patient safety and quality of care," said Michael Burke, president of Dialog Medical.
Bellows did not rule on the property issues themselves or whether the Virginia statute violates the Episcopal Church's or the diocese's rights under the First Amendment to the U.