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Synonyms for Episcopal

of or pertaining to or characteristic of the Episcopal church

denoting or governed by or relating to a bishop or bishops


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A small and humble dwelling was prepared for his family, and the divine had made his appearance in the place but a few days previously to the time of his introduction to the reader, As his forms were entirely new to most of the inhabitants, and a clergyman of another denomination had previously occupied the field, by engaging the academy, the first Sunday after his arrival was allowed to pass in silence; but now that his rival had passed on, like a meteor filling the air with the light of his wisdom, Richard was empowered to give notice that “Public worship, after the forms of the Protestant Episcopal Church, would be held on the night before Christmas, in the long room of the academy in Templeton, by the Rev.
D'Artagnan and Porthos walked straight up to the episcopal palace, which was surrounded by a numerous crowd anxious to see the prelate return.
Put a shovel-hat on Gentleman Jones, and the effect would only have been eccentric; put the same covering on the head of Doctor Dulcifer, and the effect would have been strictly episcopal.
James decided that the religion of England must be Episcopal, but as the reign of James went on, England became more and more Puritan and the breach between King and people grew wide, for James was no Puritan nor was Charles after him.
New Jersey disaster recovery coordinator Keith Adams is looking at storm response as an opportunity for the Episcopal Church to grow in service and in community.
The Episcopal Church's presiding bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori, and a group of bishops announced in early December a proposal that would result in the appointment of a "primatial vicar" for those dioceses that feel they cannot accept her leadership.
was breaking with the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Los Angeles.
Ellen Barrett, the controversy over the consecration of the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church brings back memories.
Months after the Episcopal Church elected its first actively gay bishop, Gene Robinson, the dust has yet to settle.
Vatican City--John Paul II will convene an extraordinary consistory May 21-24 of all the Church's cardinals in order to analyze, among other things, the Petrine ministry and episcopal collegiality.
He begins with an institutional study of episcopal office and the revenues that accompanied it and then looks at the nominees themselves, examining their social origins, education, clerical status, and activities prior to the call to episcopal office.
Paul's Episcopal Church in the Lakeview district of New Orleans, along with the church's adjoining parochial school.
HOUSTON, April 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Episcopal Diocese of Texas approved today a Definitive Agreement for the transfer of St.
13 that dissenting parishes in the diocese of New Westminster be granted alternative episcopal oversight but should also resume contributing to the diocese and work toward reconciliation.
Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church officially welcomed to the parish the Rev.