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an ancient area on the Ionian Sea that flourished as a kingdom in the 3rd century BC

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Gregory II of Cyprus was elected as the new patriarch, in part thanks to the Bishop of Kozyle in Epiros, who was serving as ambassador to Constantinople for the Despot of Arta, Nikephoros.
Boeotia, Attica, Epiros and the Peloponnese) or 'absence' (Macedonia) of EN sites elsewhere in Greece.
3A, Cooperlat, Copaim, Copireneo, Cotentin, Cremo, Cropwell Bishop, Dairy Crest, Dairygold, Dalter, Danone, Danone SA, Dansco, Dansk Ost, Dat-Schaub, De Lucia, Devon Desserts, Dew-Lay, Doc Kaas, Dodoni, DPP, Ebro Puleva, EdelweiU, Eden Vale, Ehrmann, Elsa, Emborg, Emmi Gerber, Ennstal, Entre-pinares, Entremont, Entremont Alliance, Epiros, Ermitage, Eru, Eurial, Euro Cheese, Fage, Falbygdens Ost, Farmlea Foods, Fattorie Italia, Fayrefield Foods, Ferrari, Finnish Cheese, First Milk, Fonterra, Forlasa, Francia, Franken Milch, Frico, Friesland-Campina, Frischli, Fromagerie Sita, Fromageries Occitanes, Fromalp, Fromarsac, Fromi, Galbani, Ganadera Berta, Garcia Baquero, GD Austria, GD Belgique, GD Deutschl.
He was born in Lias, Epiros, Greece, the son of Nicholas and Eugenia (Sorongas) Tsantinis.
The dense site pattern in Thessaly contrasts sharply with their absence in Macedonia and the sparse scatter in Boeotia, Attika, Epiros and the Peloponnese.
She was born in Sotira, North Epiros, Greece, the daughter of the Very Reverend Philip T.
She was born in Grapsi, Northern Epiros, Greece; her father was the late Thomas Kostas.
1) 10% 1,200,000 100% owned by Maria Rodriguez of San Jose, Costa Rica Epiros Associates Corporation (2) 4.
He was born in Kakavia, Northern Epiros, the son of Athanasios and Ioanna (Cotcho) Zoto, and in 1956 moved to Southbridge, later moving to Worcester.
She was born May 17, 1925 in Epiros, Greece and immigrated to Worcester, Mass after her marriage to Vasili "William" Koulisis.
He was born in Kosovitsa, Northern Epiros, Greece, the son of Harry and Eugenia (Matsis) Kaltsas and came to the United States in 1932.
He was born in 1913 in Northern Epiros, Greece, the son of Harry and Eugenia Kaltsas.
An intricately woven carpet from the Epiros National Handicraft League is set off by light blue walls.
She was born in Douviani, Northern Epiros, Greece, the daughter of Athanasios and Alexandra (Giokas) Sahinis, and came to the United States in 1954.
He was born in Pepeli, Northern Epiros the son of Nicolla and Katerina (Botsolos) Natsis; and came to Leicester in 1994.