marsh orchid

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any of several orchids of the genus Dactylorhiza having fingerlike tuberous roots

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The releves of Navarro are also characterized by Eriophorum latifolium, Epipactis palustris and Carex mairei, although contain a high abundance of Molinietalia species, being also transitional to Molinion meadows.
The species located near the centre, such as Schoenus ferrugineus, Gymnadenia conopsea, Epipactis palustris, Saussurea esthonica, Primula farinose, and Selaginella selaginoides, were well correlated with axis 2, but nonsignificantly related with any parameter considered.
Our data are consistent with the results of Trass (1986) indicating that Epipactis palustris gains from weak drainage.
En nuestra opinion este encuadre sintaxonomico de la asociacion de Pitarch no resulta adecuado: pensamos que debe ria incluirse en Caricion davallianae, Scheuchzerio palustris-Caricetea nigrae ya que aunque tenga influencias de la Molinietalia, dominan las especies de Caricion davallianae, Caricetalia davallianae o Scheuchzerio palustris-Caricetea nigrae, incluyendo aquellas que suelen dominar fisionomicamente la comunidad: Epipactis palustris, Eriophorum latifolium y Carex lepidocarpa (sub C.