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characterized by incomplete metamorphosis

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2]-filt, then we get the associated graded epimorphism preserving the degree i.
6) Spec o G is a contravariant graded functor from the category of non-commutative Zariski filtered rings with units and strict epimorphisms to the category of topological (graded) spaces and continuous maps.
In case D is the class of all epimorphisms (monomorphisms) of B we say that A is epireflective (monoreflective) in B.
x] is an epimorphism and kerf is an ideal of G (see in [3]).
If [empty set] is an epimorphism from a KU-algebra G onto a KU-algebra H,then the quotient KU-algebra G/ker([empty set]) is isomorphic to H.
Let [empty set] : G [right arrow] H be an epimorphism and [psi] : G/A [right arrow] H defined by [psi]([A.
The natural projection [PI]: EF[right arrow]F defines an epimorphism of vector bundles [PI]: E[xi][right arrow][theta].
x] is an epimorphism and ker [florin] is an ideal of G.
where [epsilon] denotes the set of epimorphisms of L([l.
Stojanoff, Geometry of epimorphisms and frames, Proc.