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Synonyms for morphine

an alkaloid narcotic drug extracted from opium

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Hollow albite epimorphs after analcime crystals to 2.
Sometimes crystals can still be found that have a thin coating of chrysocolla but it is more common to find epimorphs of micro-drusy quartz after the cerussite.
Duftite, bayldonite, beudantite, and carminite are occasionally seen as epimorphs after small mimetite crystals.
And on a lower horizon, dark gray, chisel-shaped barite crystals form epimorphs.
Datolite epimorphs after anhydrite are often found within crystal aggregates of datolite.
Bright yellow crusts of orpiment partially cover some of the crystal groups, and sharp orpiment epimorphs after realgar crystals to 2.