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During the 1990s, dermoscopy--also called epiluminescence microscopy because it lights and magnifies features on the skin's surface--was developed as a tool for dermatologists, general practitioners, and other clinicians.
Digital epiluminescence microscopy allows surgeons to see through surface layers of the skin and detect cancerous areas beneath the skin.
Dermatology: Dermatology referral management; Acne vulgaris; Actinic keratosis; Alopecia areata; Atopic dermatitis; Basal cell carcinoma; Biopsy/excision of benign skin and subcutaneous lesions, Cysts involving the skin and subcutaneous structures; Decubitus Ulcers, treatment; Digital Epiluminescence Microscopy (DELM)/Total Body Photography; Fungus infections, skin and nails; Dermatophytosis; Grenz Ray Therapy; Herpes Simplex; Herpes Zoster; Impetigo and pyoderma; Inflammatory dermatosis/'Rashes'; Hair Loss/Alopecia; Keloids;