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a person who has epilepsy

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Thus gender and literacy may be an important factor to be studied in relation to cognitive abilities like planning and execution in normal subjects as well as epileptics.
There are lots of different types of epileptic seizures, but the victim of one will often become unconscious and go stiff or twitchy and possibly fall.
4% thought epileptics are as intelligent as everyone else while almost 30% respondents remained neutral.
Fear of seizures, an increase in their frequency, lack of adequate motivation and energy, lack of awareness or support from the side of medics, family or friends, fear of changing the healing effect of medication and insufficient sport facilities are among reasons why epileptic patients refrain from doing physical exercises [5].
According to its responses to a national survey, NHS Coventry's failings include: Making epileptics wait 9-16 weeks to see a specialist consultant.
A SUPPORT group for epileptics is opening a new branch.
A glossary, index, and list of sources for more information round out this up-do-date, accessible guide strongly recommended for public library collections and the personal reference of epileptics and their families.
More than 10 people came forward after Wales on Sunday revealed the stories of four Welsh epileptics who are suing Aventis Pharma over its 'wonder-drug' Vigabatrin.
Mary's family have now called for a change in the law to screen epileptics regularly before they are allow to drive.
In the 1890s and in the Edwardian era several more institutions for epileptics were founded.
As the May 2000 deadline for public comments drew near, the proposal was attacked by another disabled constituency: epileptics.
FEAR of losing a job or driving licence makes some epileptics reluctant to reveal their condition to their own GP.
The 42-year-old hopes his adventure will show that epileptics can do what they want.
Today the diet is used primarily by epileptics not helped by medication.
Schiff hopes a similar approach will help some epileptics avoid surgery to remove parts of their brain because drugs could not control their seizures.