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loss of hair

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the act of removing hair (as from an animal skin)

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Women with all skin types can use epilation as their method of hair removal," says GP and skin expert, Dr Anita Sturnham.
Permanent treatment options include electrolysis, laser epilation and Intense Pulsed Light treatment, but the method which is recommended most commonly is laser epilation (7).
Forty healthy volunteer women that admitted to the dermatology clinics for the removal of unwanted hair by laser epilation were enrolled to the study.
Pigmentation (64%) was the most common cutaneous change followed by erythema (45%) epilation (42%) moist desquamation (26%) and oral mucositis (11%).
A highspeed rotating epilation head ensures thorough REMOVAL of eVen the shortest of hairs, LEAVING a silky smooth finish.
Young women everywhere can now rejoice as Braun launches Silk-epil 5 Young Beauty, which guarantees a gentler epilation experience and short-hair removal for smooth skin confidence all year round.
This helps to remove hair from the roots gently and less painfully than dry epilation, the statement added.
The research was carried out in Ethiopia and has found that, whilst surgery is the preferred option for the treatment of minor trichiasis, epilation (plucking eyelashes) is a suitable approach when surgery is not available.
Can be used under the shower, and is equipped with 48 tweezers that work simultaneously to ensure a fast epilation experience while also guaranteeing safety.
Ever since I discovered epilation I've become hooked.
The beauty equipment can be used under shower and its 48 tweezers ensure a fast epilation as well as guarantees safety.
There has been more consumer awareness that our products do epilation with less pain," Shuldman said.
According to the company, only 3% of consumers epilate but, despite this, epilation as a whole has experienced consistent year-on-year growth, up 21.
Another form of epilation involves the use of a waxy mixture which is melted and applied to the skin where the hair is to be removed.
Emjoi, meanwhile, is offering the battery-operated Emjoi Tweeze for removing individual hairs, as well as three epilation products: the EpiSlim, the OptiMini and the Optimax.