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the region lying on or over the stomach (just below the sternum)

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Abdominal pain, which was mainly located in the epigastric region, was associated with retching and vomiting.
The following were revealed at the abdomen examination: Hepatomegaly with palpable lump in the right hypochondriac and epigastric region, lump was 5 x 5 cm in size with relatively smooth surface without tenderness No evidence of splenomegaly.
On palpation, a painful abdominal mass was identified in the epigastric region.
Two days after fever, he experienced pain in epigastric region of sever intensity without any relation to food, relieved slightly on bending forward without any radiation.
She was also complaining of a painless swelling at the epigastric region of approximately 1 month duration.
The clinical examination usually revealed mild tenderness in the epigastric region.
The abdomen was distended without scars; there was tenderness in the right upper quadrant, epigastric region, and right lower quadrant.
Petiole encircled by sclerotized cuticle; often extending posteriorly on males to cover epigastric region and anterior face of abdomen (forming anterior sclerite).
When asked, Kent pointed to where his chest hurt, and he indicated the upper abdominal epigastric region and right upper abdominal area.
A large mass was palpable in the left epigastric region.
Abdominal examination revealed midline incisional hernia which is reducible, tenderness in right hypochondrium and epigastric region without any palpable lump.
He then had a sudden upper gastrointestinal bleeding and a contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) demonstrated that a ruptured SAA located near to splenic hilum and formation of hematoma in left epigastric region (Fig.