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SAV beds also support a complex community of epiphytes and epifauna and can serve as nursery habitats for commercially valuable fisheries (Orth et al.
5 m, including epifauna and infauna associated with the sediment.
The most dominant organisms in the abyssal plain are the megafauna holothurians, in particular, the large mobile epifauna holothurians.
Hard bottom areas often host diverse epifauna that can provide food and shelter for reef fishes.
The benthos of some southern African lakes Part II: the epifauna and infauna of the benthos of Lake Sibayi.
Consistencies over regional scales in assemblages of mobile epifauna associated with natural and artificial plants of different shape.
including other types of emergent epifauna, as well as in cover provided by nonliving substrates such as boulders and cobbles.
Although this would preclude the presence of systematic grazers, organisms not prohibited from such environments would include a highly mobile, typically arthropod, epifauna that obtains food by scavenging or predation.
Second, benthic infauna and epifauna in the Puget Sound region are known to be important as prey for mammals, birds, mobile invertebrates, and fish, including juvenile salmonid populations migrating from natal freshwater habitats seaward via Puget Sound.
1994) and epifauna (Bradstock and Gordon, 1983; Van Dolah et al.
nonsignificant plot type X phase interaction in PerMANOVA), overall densities of resident epifauna and infauna tended to be lower on culture plots relative to reference areas at two of the three study sites.
Although creating several centimeters of separation between the sweeps and the seafloor greatly reduces the potential for damage to infauna and small epifauna, it does not prevent contact with seafloor features and animals larger than that spacing.
We here present the epifauna data, for which we first characterized the species composition, performed univariate community analysis, and calculated biomass.
Mid-depth to surface "reef-like" habitat is also created by epifauna colonizing the system of coastal navigation aids, such as buoys and their anchor chains and the submerged supports of light towers; there are presently no oil or gas rigs in the Bight which would add to this type of habitat.