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large and variable genus of terrestrial or epiphytic or lithophytic orchids of tropical and subtropical Americas

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Site Prosthechea Epidendrum Epidendrum cochleata amphistomum nocturnum Cochran Lake Orchids surveyed 6 12 8 Mealybug 2 3 4 Scale 3 7 3 North Fritz Orchids surveyed 19 2 27 Mealybug 1 -- -- Scale 5 1 -- West Hinson Lake Orchids surveyed 12 29 5 Mealybug 3 3 -- Scale 3 15 -- McBride's Pond Orchids surveyed 81 54 23 Mealybug 12 -- -- Scale 5 13 2 Total Orchids surveyed 118 97 63 Mealybug 18 (15.
2002) reported that the highest PLB proliferation rate for the orchid Epidendrum radicans was produced by 0.
Here, we evaluate the influence of maturity on aspects of seed quality for the epiphytic orchid Epidendrum tempense.
It's a Lycogala epidendrum slime mold, also called toothpaste slime.
Willamette Orchid Society - Patricia Harding of Lebanon will give an illustrated talk on the the New World orchid genus Epidendrum at the society's monthly meeting in the Odd Fellows building, 1233 Charnelton St.
dagger]) ([double dagger]) ([section]) Lycogala epidendrum (L.
2:00 Development of Codominant PCR-RFLP Markers for Epidendrum conopseum, Stu Williams, Stephen P.
They will then love me with the love of parents, and will find my scent like that of the iris and epidendrum.
Dodson plucked what were perhaps the last four living examples of Epidendrum ilense, a rare orchid of Ecuador with a pumpkin-like scent and white frilly flowers.
To be sure, there is progressively less porousness within an end wall pit membrane of a single plant as one goes from root to inflorescence axis in Epidendrum and Phalaenopsis, suggesting a decrease in conductive ability as one goes from root to inflorescence axis, but in the form of a minor gradation of tracheid microstructure.
Epidendrum ibaguense is a naturally ground-grown orchid in the highlands of Brazil, spreading from Amapa to Minas Gerais States.
For example, Epidendrum floridense, a florida epiphytic orchid species appears to have nearly become extinct as a consequence of severe unseasonal frosts (Hagsater, 1993).
Mercier e Kerbauy (1991) constataram que distintas fontes de nitrogenio provocam diferencas nas taxas de sintese de certas substancias, como 2iP, zeatina e clorofila, assim como na atividade metabolica e no desenvolvimento de protocormos de Epidendrum fulgens.