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a medical scientist who studies the transmission and control of epidemic diseases

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More specifically, the course will train human and animal health epidemiologists in techniques for the design and implementation of disease detection and investigation programs.
The primary focus of their recommendations is the need for epidemiologists to report specific data elements that would help risk assessors avoid misinterpreting epidemiologic findings, more accurately quantify risks, and better advise policy makers.
I personally would be pretty cautious about taking over-the-counter melatonin supplements," says Scott Davis, an epidemiologist at the University of Washington in Seattle.
Dr Morens is an epidemiologist with a long-standing interest in emerging infectious diseases, virology, tropical medicine, and medical history.
Curious students can explore topics of interest in greater detail through vignettes presented by an epidemiologist, laboratorian, or sanitarian (i.
It is my understanding that there are 10 states that have no trained epidemiologists in their health departments.
Steve Lafflam, Rocketdyne's longtime director of safety, health and environmental affairs, said the company did offer beryllium data to epidemiologists but that it was rejected as out of date.
I am also the Chair of the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists Group on Genetics (based in Atlanta) and Chair of the Epidemiology and Data Workgroup on Genetics for Public Health Competencies for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Statistical significance" is a term epidemiologists use to describe whether an increase or decrease falls outside the bounds of what could be expected by chance.
But "over fifty studies have found, with remarkable consistency, that diets rich in carotenoids are associated with lower risk of cancer at many sites," wrote Harvard University epidemiologists Walter Willett and Meir Stampfer in a 1995 letter to FDA commissioner David Kessler.
Since science doesn't test carcinogens on unsuspecting human guinea pigs, epidemiologists study large groups of people who have been exposed to measureable concentrations of substances for known periods of time (often workers who've received occupational doses of a substance) and their results confirm, contradict, or lead to the oft-written "more research is needed at this time.
According to epidemiologists in both Minnesota and North Dakota, there is no evidence that the virus will be a major threat, simply because most rodent populations, which are the primary reservoir hosts of recognized hantaviruses, are not infected (personal communication).
TheraDoc's complete solution for ICPs, epidemiologists and anti-microbial stewardship teams enables them to transform the quality and safety of patient care -- in real-time, through enhanced clinical decision-making.
GlobalData epidemiologists forecast an increase in the diagnosed prevalent cases of T2D in the 9MM, from 113,536,653 diagnosed prevalent cases in 2014 to 148,340,916 diagnosed prevalent cases in 2024, with an Annual Growth Rate (AGR) of 3.
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