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Synonyms for surveillance

Synonyms for surveillance

the act of carefully watching

Words related to surveillance

close observation of a person or group (usually by the police)

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The risks of communicable disease, particularly in smaller rural areas with limited resources, have reinforced the complexities associated with epidemiological surveillance and intervention.
However, even assuming that a province had good epidemiological surveillance and acted with candour toward Ottawa, it is not entirely clear that Ottawa could do all that is necessary to help.
18 In addition, the Health Sector Support Project (HSSP) (75) supports the strengthening of basic health services, including reproductive health, and includes an HIV/AIDS component to support epidemiological surveillance and health care practices for limiting the risks of HIV transmission (enhanced blood safety, improved STI treatment and control, and reduction of risks of clinical infection).
The government of Equatorial Guinea quickly declared the polio epidemic a national public health emergency and launched eight campaigns to educate and immunize the population and conduct epidemiological surveillance and research.
Consuming expired ice-cream might lead to intestinal poisoning, Head of the Food Hygiene Department of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance Center in Bishkek Muhamadhalil Murzashev commented.
The ministry is in the process of applying epidemiological surveillance of infectious diseases in all areas where the disease was spotted, adding that efforts are underway to make hepatitis vaccines available for citizens.
43/2014 Service support and maintenance information system and epidemiological surveillance sanotaria labor (SISVEL).
Annual epidemiological surveillance report 2009, Bureau of Epidemiology, Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health.
The Ministry's adopted procedures and precautions have been, so far, very sufficient since they were being based on strengthening the epidemiological surveillance," Abou Faour said during a press conference held today at the Ministry in presence of the Ministry's General Director, the World Health Organization representative in Lebanon and members of the National Committee for Combating Epidemic.
Abdulhakeem Al-Kohlani, director of the Epidemiological Surveillance and Disease Control Department in the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MPHP) confirmed there have been no more deaths and said the spread of the illness never exploded.
A mission from WHO Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office and headquarters recently arrived in Amman to assist in further epidemiological surveillance and strengthen the sentinel surveillance systems for severe acute respiratory infections (SARIs).
Topics discussed include water and water borne disease, wastewater treatment and sanitation, food borne illnesses relating to meat production, dairy and food preparation and storage, vaccines, sexually transmitted diseases, airborne, vectorborne and zoonotic pathogens, biological warfare and epidemiological surveillance, monitoring and communications.
The meeting will also review non-communicable diseases and the establishment of an epidemiological surveillance and health risks system.
The components of dengue surveillance including disease epidemiological surveillance (including an early warning system, laboratory-based surveillance) entomological surveillance, and monitoring of environment and social risks have been described at length.
An ELISA for detection of virus antigen in field collecetd mosquitoes and preserved dry at room temperature ranging from 1-20 months has been certified for detection of JE virus as a part of epidemiological surveillance in JE endemic areas in India (18).
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