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a circle that rolls around (inside or outside) another circle

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The aim of the work is to obtain analytical and graphical dependences of the efficiency between the driving and the driven links in single-stage single-row and two-row differential gears with closed hydraulic system, when the driving link is the carrier, and the driven one is the epicycle, and vice versa.
To describe their motion required ad hoc mathematical devices: eccentrics, deferents, equants and epicycles.
was more useful) that Ptolemaic epicycles were abandoned and eventually forgotten.
We can continue to add epicycles of exchanges, subsidies, risk corridors, navigators, clawbacks, and auditors to paper over the flaws in this neoliberal model of "health reform.
These epicycles could be avoided if Post abandoned his commitment to the centrality of the "public concern" distinction.
Canterbery and Marvasti (1992: 1180) argue that the theorem "borders on circularity" because externalities arise due to transactions costs, but externalities persist because of the transaction costs of removing them, leading to "Ptolemaic epicycles extending the 'Coase Theorem'.
In this context, it's a bit grim to watch as the peak-oilers strain to save their epicycles.
Despite the important contributions Singer and others have made and their influence on my own thinking, at a certain point I tired of this debate and the epicycles it induced.
I was taught that an indication of the weakness of the Ptolemaic system of astronomy was the addition of a few epicycles to make the theory fit the data.
As it was necessary for Ptolemy to introduce epicycles in order to handle the irregular movement of planets in his geocentric description of the solar system.
Both Ricardo and Marx were well aware of the problem, but it is hard to avoid seeing Marx's 'transformation' solution as ad hoc in the manner of Ptolemy's epicycles, even if put in a logically coherent form.
These spurious effects, "dark energy", "dark matter", and "accelerating expansion", are reminiscent of Ptolemy's epicycles when an incorrect model of the solar system was forced to fit the data, rather than using the data to test different models of the solar system.
Today's economists will fight for their irrational rationality as fiercely as the pre-Copernican astrologers defended their epicycles and star signs.
Nick James wondered whether, with the increasing complexity of the standard model of the universe, it might be the case that we are inventing concepts that are an equivalent of Ptolemy's epicycles, and that we need to go 'back to the drawing board'.
Epicycles were erroneously used by the ancient Greek scientist Ptolemy to explain observed planetary motions within the context of a theory for the universe that placed Earth in its center.