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Synonyms for epicurean

Synonyms for epicurean

characterized by or devoted to pleasure and luxury as a lifestyle

relating to, suggestive of, or appealing to sense gratification

a person devoted to pleasure and luxury

Synonyms for epicurean

a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)

devoted to pleasure

Related Words

displaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses

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Recently, the Friends of Epicurean Philosophy (of Greece) submitted to the European Union an initiative known as the Declaration of Pallini that would guarantee the right to happiness for all European citizens.
Since that time, his epicurean poem On the Nature of Things continues to fascinate due to the remarkable similarity of ideas to many modern beliefs.
Thirdly, re-reading Dante's representations of the graveyard of the Epicureans, the limbo of the virtuous pagans and the region of Ante-Purgatory through the lens of Dante's dualism in the Commedia, not only strengthens the argument for a dualistic Commedia, but also provides answers to longstanding uncertainties for each of the regions examined.
If so, the standard position that Epicureans can fully rid themselves of the fear of death would be salvageable.
Thus where we might expect the Epicureans (following Democritus) to give us something along the lines of eliminative materialism, pace the Churchlands, he makes a case for their non-reductionist strain of thought as best described, not as 'emergent dualism' (Sedley), but as 'token identity physicalism' (Annas).
It identifies two possible readings of the passage, one of which is compatible with the claim that the Epicureans were presentists about the past.
Meanwhile the city is putting its slum- and blight-fighting money into creating more condos full of epicureans with cars, and more shops full of workers with no place in town to live.
11) </pre> <p>The "recipes" of the Epicureans and the Stoics differed from each other.
With a daring, inventive Tuscan menu, Cibreo (Via del Verrocchio 8r; 39-055-234-1100) is a favorite of Florentine and foreign epicureans.
Especially interesting is his discussion of the similar ends reached by different means and doctrines in the physics of the Stoics and of the Epicureans.
They live according to nature, and might be called Epicureans rather than Stoics.
So if regulators can't save the fish, epicureans may find themselves spreading paddlefish roe on their blinis.
Store clustering: Eight of the nine Epicureans, including the one that recently opened, fall within a tight nucleus of a six-mile radius of one another.
Bryant promises a sociology of Greek ethics from Homer to the Stoics and Epicureans, and he certainly delivers on his promise; but this book in fact offers a good deal more than that.
The following three chapters offer a detailed discussion of the epistemological views of the Epicureans (Elizabeth Asmis), the Stoics (Frede), and the Academics (Malcolm Schofield).