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poetry celebrating the deeds of some hero

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The artist has in years past appropriated more explicitly from existing narratives--fairy tales, folk legends, and medieval epic poems among them--fundamentally restructuring each along theretofore unexposed internal fault lines, rendering previously sutured structures as dislocated, attenuated, flattened, turned inside out.
The James Bond star has picked Samantha as his romantic heroine in a movie based on one of Sir Walter Scott's epic poems.
Chapter one, "Setting Out: A Mirror of Princes for a New King" analyzes the seldom studied La Dragontea, the first in a series of epic poems through which Lope wishes to gain royal favor.
Although a more rational and pacifist view of Islam had been espoused by certain scholars and churchmen of the twelfth century, the epic poems to be studied serve as vehicles for the propagandist message that East and West should never meet.
Between steady film and TV appearances, Mancuso is rehearsing for OS, a multimedia presentation of his epic poems In the Domain of the Ordinary.
The "Iliad" and "Odyssey," both attributed to Homer, are the first recorded epic poems (long verse narratives concerning the deeds of great heroes and gods, recited in high style).
In his latest collection of lyrical poetry, political activist and scholar Askia Toure delivers twenty-one epic poems grounded in African history and mythology.
Seamus Heaney is one of the United Kingdom's most respected poets and Beowulf stands as one of the greatest epic poems in English literature.
Carefully analyzing the epic poems of Boiardo, Tasso, and, above all, Ariosto, Looney notes a traditional bias on the part of readers with respect to these poets' use of literary sources.
Apart from having published five books of poetry - including two book-length epic poems - and a novel, Turner served as editor of The Kenyon Review, one of the most influential literary magazines in America, in the early 1980s.
Obsessed with proving the veracity behind Homer's epic poems, Schliemann traveled from northwestern Turkey to Greece in pursuit of the lost cities of Mycenae and Troy.
1886-1961) is a major figure in modernist English literature, her five-decade career encompassing some of the earliest free verse in English, early imagist lyrics, experiments in prose, late modernistic epic poems, and Greek translations.
In calling critical attention to two little-read (today) Iberian epic poems of the sixteenth century, La Araucana (1569, 1578, 1589, 1597) of Alonso de Ercilla y Zuniga (1533-94) and Os Lusiadas (ca.
He discusses The Ray of the Microcosm as a foundation for the later works of Njegos, the epic poems The Mountain Wreath and Scepan Mali (Stephen the Little), and Njegos's construction of the Turkish "other.
The essays directly concerned with poetry include the fine "Chronicling the Culture," a series of speculations on the possibilities of writing epic poems in the late twentieth century.