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a catecholamine secreted by the adrenal medulla in response to stress (trade name Adrenalin)

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In 2014, Pennsylvania passed House Bill 803 to make EpiPens more easily available in school settings.
Capstick said schools stock an extra EpiPen and EpiPen Jr.
As a working mom in the high-paced fashion industry, I feel like my daily to-do list is a mile long, but without a doubt, the most important item on that list is ensuring my son avoids his allergic triggers and always has access to two EpiPen Jr[sup.
Lack In his report, ombudsman Jim Martin said: "There is a lack of clear guidance for health professionals in Scotland about when to prescribe an EpiPen.
We are particularly pleased with our higher gross margin performance representing the contribution of our EpiPen 2-PAK, as well as our continuing efforts towards improving the efficiency of our operations," Miller added.
Cai Kaltenbech knew about mum Laura's condition and ran to get her Epipen to give her a shot of adrenaline as she went into anaphylactic shock.
Most symptoms of an allergy can be treated with antihistamines, but in the case of severe reactions some people need to carry emergency medication such as an EpiPen.
A shot of epinephrine from an EpiPen lasts about 10 minutes.
She said thousands of people have joined their campaign to make EpiPen injections available to help people with potentially fatal food allergies.
Most symptoms of an allergy can be treated with antihistamines, although in the case of severe reactions some people may need to carry emergency medication such as an EpiPen and some kind of medical bracelet to tell people of their allergy.
Our highly recognized EpiPen product continues to drive the revenue growth of our Drug Delivery division, while our Cardiopulmonary Systems division announced the first international shipment of our PRIME ECG system during the quarter.
In addition to emergency medical services (EMS), nurses trained to administer EpiPen Auto-Injectors are available during First Aid station operating hours to assist guests experiencing a severe allergic reaction.
In severe cases, you can be taught to give yourself an adrenaline injection from an automatic device called an Epipen.
The dramatic improvement in operating performance reflects the return of EpiPen revenues to historical levels," said James H.