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a divine manifestation

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And to complete the VIP experience, guests will receive a complimentary sample of Huntress, by Ephiphany Beauty, an organic fragrance inspired in the ancient Roman goddess Diana.
In his parody, he changes the beginning words of Venantius Fortunatus's famous hymn from "Vexilla regis prodeunt" ("the banners of the king advance") to "Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni" ("the banners of the king of Hell advance") in order to announce Satan's supreme ephiphany and to contrast his power in Hell to God's in Heaven.
Back row, from left), Ephiphany shows an outfit of Mali mudcloth combined with hand-woven Bakuba palm fibre tapestries and bone jewellery, created for the 1995 African Heritage tour of Germany and Austria.
Then Janice experiences an ephiphany and tells Tony she's going to devote her life to God.
30pm Ephiphany Carol Service, The three lings - Cornelius, Tribus miraculis - Marenzio, New Year Carol - Britten, Jesu, dulcis memoria - Shephard.