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an ancient Greek city on the western shore of Asia Minor in what is now Turkey

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the third ecumenical council in 431 which declared Mary as mother of God and condemned Pelagius

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Amazingly at its peak in around 200AD Ephesus was the third-biggest city in the world, and its widely-spread ruins include some of the finest Greek and Roman architecture, with ornamental gateways, fountains, temples and amphi-theatres.
Ephesus was a wealthy port back in the day and though the sea has receded it is easy to imagine the life of the people back then.
Dailys Place will be lit with Eatons Ephesus All Field fixtures and controlled by the innovative LandBurst wired DMX system, which will allow for the simultaneous control of both the white indoor lighting over the flex field and outdoor color lighting across the entire facility.
These flash motors - including a Land Rover - were pictured parked nose to tail outside The Ephesus Turkish restaurant.
3]Iu[sz]A; Latin: Magnesia ad Maeandrum) was an ancient Greek city in Ionia, considerable in size, at an important location commercially and strategically in the triangle of Priene, Ephesus and Tralles.
Provoked by the announcements that a new amphitheatre will be constructed in an archeological site, Ljupco Popovski in Utrinski vesnik explains that the amphitheatre will also have a fake facade and be located in the base of mountain top Zajcev Rid and will have "only" eight thousand seats which will make it even more spectacular than the one in Epidaurus on Peloponnese which had 14 thousand seats, or from the enormous one that holds 25 thousand seats in Ephesus.
Synopsis: "The Ephesian Artifacts" is a blend of history, action and adventure featuring the death of Cleopatra, the fall of Saigon, and the search for artifacts hidden beneath the sands of the ancient city of Ephesus, Turkey.
Presently, the Mosaic Stadium is under construction and becomes the second new stadium construction project in 2015 to be built with Ephesus LED lighting, and the first CFL stadium to employ LED lighting.
This week I tried again, at a former curry house on Bridge Street which is now a Turkish place called Ephesus.
Turkey has been dubbed the most beaten path of mankind - a reference to its millennia of civilisation - and one of the best places to illustrate this is Ephesus, an ancient site not far from Izmir.
Marie de Mandat-Grancey (18371912), whose efforts led to the 1891 discovery of what some believe is the final home of Mary, the mother of Jesus, located in Ephesus, Turkey.
It is said that the residents of Ephesus used to gather at the gates of the basilica where the bishops were meeting and shout, "Mother of God
1 Classical Traditional Artist of 2012 and 2013, the nuns released their third album, called ''Lent At Ephesus,'' Feb.
Just as the Elgin Marbles are in London rather than Athens, you can find in Vienna the Ephesos Museum, filled with nothing but material taken from Ephesus in Turkey.