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a resident of the ancient Greek city of Ephesus

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The readers of Ephesians did not live, anymore than did the author, in a cultural-linguistic vacuum.
The final section uses Ignatius' letter to Ephesus to describe the life of die Ephesian church just prior to 111 C.
Paul might pray for the Canadian church as he prayed for the Ephesians, "that we understand the incredible greatness of God's power--that we might have power to comprehend how wide, and how long, and how high and how deep is God's love for us in Christ; that we be filled with that knowledge, and in and through it, live our lives and do the work to which God calls us.
John Dewdney and Marjorie Boothroyd read from Ephesians 4 and John 6.
Paul's promise to the Ephesians can be our good news here.
Guy Rogers reveals in his book, The Mysteries of Artemis of Ephesos: Cult, Polis, and Change in the Graeco-Roman World, how the cult of Artemis at Ephesos endured and inspired Ephesians for half a millennium.
We will listen attentively as the author of Ephesians reveals the "mystery" that gentiles and Jews--that is, all the peoples of the Earth--are "coheirs, members of the same body and copartners in the promise in Christ Jesus through the Gospel" (Ephesians 3:6).
Ephesians 2v8 explains the gift: "For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works lest anyone should boast.
Ephesians 5, 15-16 THE ideal in life is always to have time for the longest duty but never to have time for the shortest sin.
Ephesians 4:29 (Good News Translation) ARE you a negative person?
Jeremiah 31:7-14; Psalm 147:12-20; Ephesians 1:3-14; John 1:10-18
What connects: * Epistle to the Ephesians * De Profundis * Don Quixote * Pilgrim's Progress Answer: They were all written in prison (St Paul, Oscar Wilde, Cervantes, John Bunyan).
The important discussion he provokes will need to examine further the radical role of Scripture in the formation of the EMC--his interpretation of the Ephesians leadership model ignores the fundamental insight that "apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastor-teachers" are all ministers of the Word, and that rigorous Word ministry equips the saints (Markus Barth).
Background material from both Old Testament and New Testament passages reinforce the Ephesians passage being studied as well as opening up another level of understanding.
In a recent blog item defending Huckabee's view, Lee Webb, news anchor at Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network, wrote that the apostle Paul's "directive that wives should submit to their husbands and husbands should love their wives is found in Ephesians 5:22-33.