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Synonyms for ephemeral

Synonyms for ephemeral

Synonyms for ephemeral

anything short-lived, as an insect that lives only for a day in its winged form


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lasting a very short time

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However, regardless of resistance or resilience traits, we considered macroinvertebrate taxa with aerial life stages to potentially be the most likely taxa to colonize these ephemeral stream reaches (Williams, 2001; Van de Muetter et al.
The high concentrations of magnetic sands occur near the mouth of the small ephemeral streams that enter the lake at Doctors Park and Grant Park.
Repeated surveys at channel cross-sections at the Lalio and Quandelacy sites confirm that connectivity between the ephemeral stream channels and alluvial fans was restored (Table 1).
Our findings increase the sparse knowledge on terrestrial invertebrates recovered from the receding flows of monsoon-related flash floods in the southwestern USA, specifically in ephemeral stream channels where this phenomenon has not been studied previously.
However, while aeolian processes may dominate in many arid ecosystems, in others such as the ephemeral streams (washes), fluvial processes may confound the interpretation of litter accumulation processes.
4) Development of flood-frequency relations for ephemeral streams employed for design and construction throughout the Southwest (Boughton and Shirley 1983; Boughton and Renard 1984; Reich and Renard 1981);
Based on the morphometric analysis supported by field observations, it is determined that the ephemeral streams i.
Southwest, the rate of natural recharge through ephemeral streams is one of the least understood factors in the groundwater equation, says John P.
In the arid southwestern United States, riparian zones generally consist of narrow belts of vegetation running along ephemeral streams or rivers [4] with the adjacent xeric uplands forming a sharp contrast to the riparian areas [9, 10].
barbouri also occur in ephemeral streams where fish are completely absent (Petranka and Sih 1987).
Stormwater quality master planning and BMP development in the semi-arid southwest pose a number of unique situations, the most significant being the lack of ephemeral streams or permanent bodies of water.
They concluded that for ephemeral streams, the watershed area is the most useful parameter for predicting the hydraulic response to precipitation.
The course brings aspens, sage and ephemeral streams into play and allows the natural landscape to dictate the flow of play.
The tree branches and their shadows are often enough to hide wet soil, ditches, and ephemeral streams," Lang says.
Ephemeral streams dried earlier than last year, and some growers didn't have the amount of water they wanted.