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Synonyms for ephemeral

Synonyms for ephemeral

Synonyms for ephemeral

anything short-lived, as an insect that lives only for a day in its winged form


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lasting a very short time

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Our findings increase the sparse knowledge on terrestrial invertebrates recovered from the receding flows of monsoon-related flash floods in the southwestern USA, specifically in ephemeral stream channels where this phenomenon has not been studied previously.
The high concentrations of magnetic sands occur near the mouth of the small ephemeral streams that enter the lake at Doctors Park and Grant Park.
The agency is now asserting that "intermittent, and ephemeral streams, are physically, chemically, and biologically connected to downstream rivers via channels and associated alluvial deposits" and are thus under EPA control.
Our studies in Walnut Gulch were critical in helping us determine that ephemeral streams, which flow for a short time after heavy rains, make significant contributions to ground-water replenishment.
Southwest, the rate of natural recharge through ephemeral streams is one of the least understood factors in the groundwater equation, says John P.
In the arid southwestern United States, riparian zones generally consist of narrow belts of vegetation running along ephemeral streams or rivers [4] with the adjacent xeric uplands forming a sharp contrast to the riparian areas [9, 10].