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the insertion of a vowel or consonant into a word to make its pronunciation easier

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The analysis has also shown that Kiswahili has two main epenthetic vowels, /i/ and /u/, which to some extent are contextually predictable.
The epenthetic vowel requires surface specification and is thus obliged either to receive default (unmarked) vowel features and/or to assimilate to a nearby surface vowel.
For our purposes it does not matter whether the vowel before the prefix was originally an epenthetic vowel or the original case vowel.
An epenthetic vowel fails because the separate constraint *NASREL is ranked higher than the separate constraint *NC.
3]tum), and that, in the course of the evolution of the early "pre-Akkadian" language into the documented, historical language, an epenthesis took place which had the effect of disrupting the original triconsonantal cluster through the insertion of an epenthetic vowel -i- (*pirst- > pirist-).
the shape of the bare imperative), we can readily imagine that the introduction of an epenthetic vowel to disrupt the resulting triconsonantal cluster would have been all but unavoidable.
The remaining five papers are cases studies examining particular theoretical issues within OT, including the acoustics of epenthetic vowels in Lebanese Arabic, the onset of the prosodic word, infixation as morpheme absorption, and vowel length in Arabic verb stems.
63: Epenthetic vowels are often found between possessive affixes and case endings.
In order to break up a triconsonantal cluster, both dialects insert epenthetic vowels in identical environments: Yemeni Arabic absart + -hum 'I saw them (in.
By the same token, the (actually attested) items in section IV provide an easily accessible list of possible consonant clusters, and even of the possible epenthetic vowels to resolve these clusters in word final.