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material for building fences

the art or sport of fighting with swords (especially the use of foils or epees or sabres to score points under a set of rules)

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The 24-year-old epeeist is among 16 fencers accepted on to British Fencing's Olympic Pathway Programme which qualifies him for grant aid in return for training full-time at BF's elite training centre in Hornsey, North London, and overseas.
In warm-up for these championships , six Tunisian epeeists , namely Jawhar Miled, Mohamed Mehdi Akrimi, Mohamed Aziz Ben Smida, Maya Mansouri, Dorra Ben Jaballah and Meriem Hayouni will leave to train in Cholet (France) next June 1-7.
The epeeists are not as fast as she is,'' Nellya Fencing Club teammate Karen Porter said.
Five South Wales fencers are in the squad: epeeists James Taylor and Iona Pearson (Cardiff Fencing Club), foilists Abi Difford (Cardiff University/Gwent Sword Club) and Olivia Orchart (Gwent Sword Club/Bangor University) and sabreur Jo Chen (Russell Swords).
Cardiff Fencing Club provides three fencers - epeeists James Taylor and Iona Pearson, and sabreur Andy Pearson - and also in the epee team is Cardiff University student Natasha Lewis-Oliver.
Several South Wales fencers played their part in the triumph: Cardiff epeeists James Taylor, Nick Lee, Iona Pearson, Zara Wheeler and Lori Button, Gwent foilist Olivia Orchart and young Bridgend sabreur Megan Lillycrop.
The boys' weapon teams fared better, with the under-18 epeeists and under-18 foilists - including Thorneycroft and Gwent's Rhys Melia - finishing second to overall winners England.
The 24-year-old is one of five men's epeeists to compete in individual and team competitions in Gent from July 2 to 7.