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an insertion into a calendar

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intercalating the extra days needed to bring the eighteen 20-day Feasts (360 days) up to the length of the solar year, these being the epagomenal days known as Nemontemi in Nahuatl;
For example, how and when, or even whether epagomenal days were added, and whether or not they included an extra sixth day in leap years or their equivalent, are still hotly debated topics.
Between Izcalli and its start in Atlacahualo, the Boban Wheel lists all Twenty Signs, ingeniously ranged as both four sets of five epagomenal days and the five Series of possible: year bearers (Series I to Series V).
I therefore suggest that it was no accident that the solar calendar favored by Jubilees consisted of 364 days, twelve months of thirty days each, plus only four epagomenal days, for a total of fifty two complete weeks per year.
In the case of DC 24, the rituals described within the text are performed during the holiest time of the Mandaean calendar, the five epagomenal days of Paruanaiia.