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deductive reasoning in which a conclusion is derived from two premises

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It is remarkable that Aristotle's ninety-one uses of epagoge and six of epaktikos are so incidental.
14) The Greek is Epagoge men ouv esti kai ho ex epagoges sullogismos to dia tou heterou thateron akron toi mesoi sullogisasthai.
28) That epagoge was characteristically a tool of Socratic rather than Aristotelian reasoning was the standard view until late antiquity.
McPherran, 'Socratic Epagoge and Socratic Induction', (2004).
The object of epagein is the universal; the object of an epagoge is the particulars.
But a fresh and fuller look at the chapter and Aristotle's mentions of epagoge throughout the corpus suggest future research into Aristotelian induction--indeed into conceptions of induction throughout history--should be freed from the long-standing constraints of misreading the text, function, and import of Prior Analytics II 23.
4) Recent treatments of Aristotelian induction have included Kurt von Fritz, Die epagoge bei Aristoteles (Munchen: Verlag der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften 1964); Walter Hess, 'Erfahrung und Intuition bei Aristoteles', Phronesis 15 (1970): 49-50; Nelly Tsouyopoulus, 'Die induktive Methode und das Induktionsproblem in der griechischen Philosophie', Zeitschrift fur allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie (5) (1974); D.
As we have seen, epagoge is not discussed evenly throughout the corpus.