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Previous studies of the limits of Ericaceae (Anderberg, 1992, 1993; Judd & Kron, 1993; Kron, 1996; Kron & Chase, 1993) indicated that Epacridaceae and Empetraceae are nested within the traditionally defined Ericaceae.
Stevens (1971) discussed the characteristics that led to these taxa being alternately placed in Epacridaceae or Ericaceae (as previously circumscribed).
Systematics of the Ericaceae, Empetraceae, Epacridaceae, and related taxa based upon rbcL sequence data.
A survey of chromosome numbers in the Epacridaceae.
Cytoevolution, phylogeny and taxonomy in Epacridaceae.
Seedling:parent ratios following fire in a number of members of the Epacridaceae and Restionaceae from the Northern Sandplain indicated that all species, regardless of their fire-response strategy, have the capacity to reconstitute parent densities from germinants in the first year after fire (Meney et al.
Also, in seedlings of congeneric pairs in the Epacridaceae, there were no basic distinctions between resprouter and reseeder representatives in terms of seedling growth rate (Bell, 1995; Bell & Pate, 1996).
Biology of Australian Epacridaceae, with special reference to growth, fire response and mycorrhizal nutrition.
Growth and fire response of selected Epacridaceae of south-western Australia.
Seed bank patterns in Restionaceae and Epacridaceae after wildfire in kwongan in southwestern Australia.