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(Greek mythology) the winged goddess of the dawn in ancient mythology

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Recognizing the often rigorous shooting conditions encountered by professional and advanced amateur photographers, Canon design engineers made the EOS 40D SLR's magnesium alloy exterior even more ruggedly dependable than its predecessors with upgraded dust and weather resistant construction, particularly around the camera's connection ports, battery compartment and single-slot compact flash memory card door.
But at the same time, we have once again raised the bar for digital SLR cameras by introducing new technologies that only Canon can offer with the legendary EOS System.
The EOS 760D also gives videographers a host of additional creative movie modes, which makes creating unique footage easy.
EOS' modeling capabilities fit seamlessly into our strategic plan to research and identify new spinal deformity treatment techniques and we couldn't be more pleased to partner with the Company as the first users of the EOS 3D Service said Michelle Marks, Executive Director of the SSSF.
According to EOS CEO, Dr Ben Greene, the contract will provide the customer with leading-edge capabilities in integrated surveillance and firepower for force protection.
Now VW enters the fray with its Eos, a Golf-based four-seater that adds a few tricks of its own to the mix.
The EOS-1D X employs a completely new imaging sensor, producing the lowest noise of any EOS digital camera to date for stunning portraiture and studio work.
Eos Group plans to continue their ambitious release cycle by announcing Eos Advisor 4.
We are delighted that Greenstone's group of world-class professionals will represent Eos in the GCC countries, building on the commitment they have made to the region over the past few years.
With its built-in Digital Camera Control feature (supports Canon EOS series) that lets you to connect digital camera to your PC (use USB cable for connection) to take photos from camera directly on software.
The recent completion of key performance items permanently and irrevocably removes any prospect of liquidated damages being applied to EOS by NMT.
The Scirocco will add to complexity in the body shop," admits Mario Rodrigues, project manager, VW Eos, Autoeuropa, "but the fact that the two cars are built on the same platform means they can share the body line and many of the changes made for the Eos.
3D Systems asserts that AMES is infringing 3D Systems' patents by using laser- sintering powder materials supplied by a German company, Electro Optical Systems GmbH and its subsidiary, EOS of North America Inc.
But a key review panel of outside experts, assembled by NASA at the White House's urging, now concludes that the agency should redesign EOS in favor of smaller spacecraft.