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(Greek mythology) the winged goddess of the dawn in ancient mythology

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io/) EOS a remarkably fast blockchain network, if these statistics prove true after the summer launch.
The newly purchased EOS M 400-4 systems are equipped with four lasers to ensure greater productivity and excellent part quality.
The company said this is the 11th EOS system installed globally in the Shriners network.
The EOS 5DSR and EOS 5DS have by far the highest resolution in Canon's history of EOS cameras.
The EOS 760D and EOS 750D ensure pinA[degrees]sharp focus precision, with a powerful 19 crossA[degrees]type AF point system adapting to any comA[degrees] position, whether it's shooting fast moving animals on safari, or action packed adventure sports.
EOS has already begun to offer this new service and a first agreement has been signed with the Setting Scoliosis Straight Foundation (SSSF), a not-for-profit foundation that supports the Harms Study Group in understanding and developing treatments of spinal deformities in children and adolescents.
The atmosphere of evening shoots and challenging night-time scenes are also easily recorded in stunning detail thanks to the EOS M's sensitive native ISO range of 100-12,800 (extendable to 25,600).
The sale was achieved in open competition and after competitive firing trials in the foreign country, where the EOS product excelled.
The EOS 1000D is an ageing product, and does not compare favourably to the latest Nikon dSLR's in the same price range.
With the lightest body of any digital EOS camera, the EOS 1000D incorporates a range of technologies used in CanonCOs professional EOS-1 series cameras, including the DIGIC III image processor, and Live View mode.
While they're increasing with the Eos, as Adrian Hallmark, executive vice president, Volkswagen of America, has indicated, the company is looking for the ways and means to have more cost-competitive vehicles in some of the categories in which it competes (see AD & P, September 2005 or http://www.
L EGEND has it that Eos rises every morning in her phaeton from the depths of the sea to bring daylight to mankind.
EOS is composed of a series of satellites conducting long-term global observations of the land surface, biosphere, solid Earth, atmosphere, and oceans.
EOS also announced the expansion of its Client Care Program with service and support technologies, including SupportNet, a client support Web site.
The ``solid imaging'' company, which manufactures machines that create solid models out of computer images, was sued by EOS GmbH, a German company, for infringing on patent rights.