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the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken in Thessaly and Boeotia and Aeolis

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Other Eolic Plans are under study in other regions of Andalusia such as Malaga, Seville and Granada.
Other projects to be implemented soon include another eolic park; a bioelectric plant at the Jesus Rabi sugar mill in Matanzas province; six plants that'll produce biogas from hog manure; a biogas plant on Isla de la Juventud that uses forest products, and the construction of another 1,423 windmills along with 6,532 solar heaters.
A 50-megawatt eolic park is now being built at Playa Herradura, close to the earlier project at Turiguano and the coast of Las Tunas province.
The latter presents both lunar and eolic tides with daily ranges of 1 meter and 2.
Unit C forms the front of the delta and is subjected to direct influence of the tidal and eolic tides of the de la Plata river, which range from 1 to over 3 meters during strong southeastern winds.
A US$300,000 non-reimbursable Technical Cooperation from the Inter-American Development Bank will be used to hire consultants for a Program to Develop Eolic (Wind) Electric Generation Systems in Isolated Areas of Nicaragua (No.
Geogreen, through GEOENERGIE SpA and Geogreen SpA, is one of the leading suppliers of integrated products and services from the supply of electric power to the production of hydroelectric and thermoelectric energy (cogeneration) and the development of projects and businesses in the biomass, thermal and photovoltaic solar energy, eolic energy and gas sectors.
This company is working at present with mini-hydraulic and eolic systems and is planning, in the near future, to expand to use PV and biomass.
To demonstrate the perfect technical as well as esthetic symbiosis of a grid conneted PV system to a wind farm, and the possible standardisation resulting from the diffusion and viability of this project, be it in the interest of the public sector or that of potential investors (mainly electric companies), as well as to take advantage of the current expansion and growth in eolic energy that is taking place in the EU and especially in Navarra where objectives for the year 2010 aim for deriving 40% of energy needs from eolic energy.
The above law is intended to promote foreign and domestic investment in the development of electrical power generation plants, with natural resources which may be hydro, geothermal, solar, eolic or bio-mass;
391, in the Chihuido de la Sierra Negra oil field is producing from the Jurassic eolic sand formation.
2 MW the eolic installed capacity of ENDESA Cogeneracion y Renovables (ECYR) in Soria which will reach 170 MW.