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The inhibition mechanisms of 5-CQA and CA were investigated by kinetic analyses, and the inhibitor constants K(i) and K(i)' (for the free enzyme and enzyme-substrate complex, respectively) were determined.
Where, P= concentration of product, ES= enzyme-substrate complex, S= concentration of substrate, I= concentration of inhibitor, [E.
These higher values indicate that there may be additional diffusion barriers for oxygen molecule to reaching the enzyme-substrate complex, which may become a limiting stage in fast processes.
Furthermore, Eivazi and Tabatabai (1990) assumed that metal ions might inhibit enzyme reactions: (i) by complexing with the substrate, (ii) by combining with the protein-active group of the enzymes, or (iii) by reacting with the enzyme-substrate complex.
They use the enzyme-substrate complex to protect the desired compound from destructive enzymes, which they add on top of everything else.
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