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The Company's strategy to focus on clean energy and environmentally sustainable technologies was first announced in early 2015.
The fisher will be required to demonstrate that a long-term environmentally sustainable, commercially profitable and socially acceptable fishery can be developed when applying for a permit.
The shortlisted projects received coaching and tutoring during a seminar conducted by the Bee'ah Environment Education Team, in collaboration with the Sharjah Education Zone and the Sharjah City for Humanitarian City, to facilitate the shortlisted schools to prepare their projects for the second phase and effectively involve the wider community such as institutions, schools' neighbourhood and parents to lead environmentally sustainable lifestyles.
Gentoo now offers a range of consultancy services designed to assist and support organisations through the challenges and opportunities of being environmentally sustainable.
The Green Dot Awards rewards and promotes forward-thinking businesses that create environmentally sustainable products or services and to reward revolutionary green business plans and proposals.
These high tech jobs in an environmentally sustainable building highlight the HSBC Group's commitment to growing in Canada and our commitment to corporate sustainability.
Environmentally sustainable products were used throughout the project.
The airline says it expects to use at least one million barrels of environmentally sustainable fuel annually by 2013.
Growth in this area is presenting general contractors and homebuilders with significant challenges in managing a growing materials stream in an environmentally sustainable manner.
The deliberations of the conference are summarize and adopted documents are presented, including the Ministerial Declaration on Environment and Development in Asia and the Pacific, 2005; the Regional Implementation Plan for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific, 2006-2010; and the Seoul Initiative on Environmentally Sustainable Economic Growth.
Pressure is increasing on a wide range of organizations to use environmentally sustainable practices in producing their products and services.
The environmentally sustainable system operates in storm conditions to screen wastewater discharges into local rivers.
By working together-communities, industry, conservation organizations, governments and citizens-we can develop more economically and environmentally sustainable approaches that will promote healthy forests and communities now and in the future.
In Western North Carolina (WNC) the increase in air pollution and its effect on both humans and our natural systems reinforces the idea that we need to build in a way that is environmentally sustainable.
There is currently a flowering of a new kind of brave new house in LA, and that is the environmentally sustainable one, in which architects are integrating solar power and the latest energy-saving materials and technologies into clean, modern designs.
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