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Synonyms for green







Synonyms for green

a tract of cultivated land belonging to and used by a community


something, such as coins or printed bills, used as a medium of exchange

being in an early period of growth or development

lacking experience and the knowledge gained from it

Synonyms for green

United States labor leader who was president of the American Federation of Labor from 1924 to 1952 and who led the struggle with the Congress of Industrial Organizations (1873-1952)

an environmentalist who belongs to the Green Party

a river that rises in western Wyoming and flows southward through Utah to become a tributary of the Colorado River

an area of closely cropped grass surrounding the hole on a golf course

turn or become green

of the color between blue and yellow in the color spectrum

not fully developed or mature

looking pale and unhealthy

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naive and easily deceived or tricked

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When people speak of environmentally friendly construction, the term "sustainable" is bound to pop up--especially if true "green" construction techniques and materials are to be utilized.
Despite the fact that massive production hasn't been accomplished by the environmentally friendly cool or warm mattress industry of China, this industry is faced with a broad prospect.
Due to the variety of products and materials available in a spectrum of price points, every client has the opportunity to achieve the right mix of environmentally friendly products and techniques to meet their goals in the design of their office space.
Environmental Responsible Design and Construction has integrated Sustainable Design principles that help conserve natural resources and protect the environment by incorporating the use of environmentally friendly materials.
This is the first yacht with electric propulsion to have successfully proven this unique environmentally friendly technology through a transatlantic passage and over six months of charter use in the British Virgin Islands with the world's leading charter company, The Moorings.
If you've always wanted a chance to create an environmentally friendly and healthy apartment building, the Battery Park City Authority wants to hear from you.
DALLAS -- SoftLayer Technologies continues to focus on its environmentally friendly operation with the expansion of low voltage Intel and AMD processors combined with SuperMicro high-efficiency servers.
Sixty of the Environmentally Friendly Locomotives to be on the Job by July
In the last year, Flexcar members reduced vehicle miles traveled by 40 percent while driving environmentally friendly hybrids and other ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles) and benefiting from Flexcar's carbon-offset program, in place since 2003.
Hydrogen Now is HPI's patented hydrogen production process that involves a chemical reaction between water, aluminum, and an environmentally friendly catalyst to cleanly and efficiently produce hydrogen on-site and on-demand.
Alderox[R] TSR[R] was specifically formulated for use within the mining industry as a 100% natural, environmentally friendly product formulated to eliminate or reduce buildup of materials on mining equipment.
We have and will continue to work hard to build the most environmentally friendly locomotive fleet in North America and we are committed to protecting our environment by reducing emissions.
DALLAS -- Lighting Science Group Corporation (OTCBB:LSGP), a leading provider of energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions, today announced that it has secured a working capital facility from Allied Capital Partners, L.
The First EPA-Recognized Environmentally Friendly Solvent Ink, a Revolutionary Development for Superwide Format Printing, Is Another in a Series of "Green" Initiatives From EFI
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