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Synonyms for environmentalist



Synonyms for environmentalist

someone who works to protect the environment from destruction or pollution

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Additionally, many fewer Democrats consider themselves environmentalists today (56%) than did so 25 years ago (78%).
The Chartered Environmentalist is a Master's level qualification assessed against a set of stretching criteria and a professional review interview.
Environmentalists are so busy fighting back on all fronts, it's hard to peer through the smoke and see that the notion of overprotection occasionally deserves a closer look.
Corporations don't trust the environmentalists because they are forever being undermined by statements like the one above.
Environmentalists call for less costly methods of reducing stormwater runoff and CSOs.
Similarly, does the OCAW corporate campaign suggest that workers and environmentalists are not always at odds, as they most definitely were during the spotted owl logging controversy in the Pacific Northwest, or was the union simply "one of the most environmentally progressive and innovative union locals in the nation" (p.
Yacyreta is just one of several costly projects that environmentalists criticize.
But his bill has faced intense criticism from Florida environmentalists and Washington lawmakers alike.
In terms of environmental concern, almost two-thirds of committed environmentalists stated that they were very concerned about the state of the environment, with little more than a third of non-environmentalists agreeing with this.
So when George Bush refers to environmentalists as "Green Green Lima Beans," it's a safe bet he's not engaged in any deep rethinking of policy.
environmental organization and a coalition of mainstream Christian churches is especially surprising because environmentalists and people of faith have had limited connection since the start of the modern environmental movement.
The Miyazaki branch of the Fukuoka High Court on Tuesday upheld a 2000 Kagoshima District Court decision to reject a case filed by environmentalists ''on behalf of endangered animals'' on Amami-Oshima Island, southwestern Japan.
These findings have the potential to break the historic impasse between environmentalists and the beverage industry on bottle bills," says the GRRN's Bill Sheehan.
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