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Synonyms for environmentalist



Synonyms for environmentalist

someone who works to protect the environment from destruction or pollution

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The Chartered Environmentalist is a Master's level qualification assessed against a set of stretching criteria and a professional review interview.
Environmentalists are so busy fighting back on all fronts, it's hard to peer through the smoke and see that the notion of overprotection occasionally deserves a closer look.
Corporations don't trust the environmentalists because they are forever being undermined by statements like the one above.
Environmentalists call for less costly methods of reducing stormwater runoff and CSOs.
Despite her early portrayals by environmentalists as "James Watt in a skirt," she has shown far more political acumen than the man who once bragged of a commission on which he had a black, a woman, "two Jews, and a cripple.
Today's misperceptions of religion by environmentalists, and of the environmental movement by people of faith, are manifestations of the centuries-long growing chasm between science and spirituality.
Presiding Judge Tsutomu Mabuchi said in his ruling that the court did not recognize any interests of the environmentalists, who primarily demanded the court order a halt to the construction of golf courses, because they do not live on the island.
The study was the first accomplishment of a project called Businesses and Environmentalists Allied for Recycling (BEAR).
First, divide the class into two groups, with one group representing the oil industry and another group representing environmentalists.
Riley does more than add the names and achievements of a group of important women environmentalists to the picture of the movement as a whole; she demonstrates that women environmentalists in the western United States tried to 'feminize' the western wilderness.
Royal states his thesis that the West has a better religious basis for a sound ecological ethic than radical environmentalists think.
Middle class and elite white environmentalists have been very effective in implementing the slogan "Not In My Backyard" (NIMBY).
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