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the philosophical doctrine that environment is more important than heredity in determining intellectual growth

the activity of protecting the environment from pollution or destruction

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For some prominent organizations within the worldwide environmentalist movement, Beisner's words may be an understatement rather than hyperbole.
Focusing on the various actors of social environmentalism in Brazil since the 1970s, the authors identify patterns of action within the various networks of environmentalist movements in Brazil, thus offering a valuable study of politics in Brazil with the "green case" as an example.
Gillespie is referring to a segment in the final chapter about the anti-authoritarian branch of the environmentalist movement that, in my opinion, had to be acknowledged as a counterculture within the context of the book.
But it was during the 1970s that the struggle for women's rights in the broadest sense definitively came of age internationally, along with other strong social movements such as the environmentalist movement, the struggles of indigenous peoples, gays and lesbians, and others.
AS Ted Kaczynski goes on trial for the terrorist attacks attributed to the Unabomber, many are lamenting the bad press he has brought to the environmentalist movement.
Such an essentialist understanding cannot begin to explain how it came about that most of India was deforested long before the period of colonial rule, or why the modern environmentalist movement should have arisen from a civilization supposed to be hostile to such concerns.
Communitarians," he writes, "are dedicated to working with our fellow citizens to bring about changes in values, habits and public policies that will allow us to do for society what the environmentalist movement seeks to do for nature: to safeguard and enhance our future.
Ten of the architectural woodworkers surveyed this year said the environmentalist movement had not affected their use of woods and veneers.
A domestic environmentalist movement, similar to Germany's radical Green Party, is already organizing within the Soviet Union.
The Green Scene with Rebekah Green teaches the simplicity of an eco-friendly existence, connecting pop culture, style, politics and everyday living with sustainability and the on-going efforts of the international environmentalist movement.
The June 2013 protests started as a small environmentalist movement to save an Istanbul park from being razed and snowballed into a nationwide wave of protests against Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who critics say has become increasingly authoritarian.
What we see in the streets is of course more than an environmentalist movement.
One inescapable conclusion that a logical person would reach after reading The Really Inconvenient Truths by Iain Murray is that the quasi-religious, big-government, environmentalist movement creates disincentives for people to take care of the planet--and actually prevents proper care of the planet.
Rachel Carson, the founder of the environmentalist movement, who prompted the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency -- Lillie Carroll Jackson, a civil rights leader who served as president of the Baltimore Branch of the NAACP for 35 years -- Anna Ella Carroll, a key military advisor to Abraham Lincoln, who played an important role in winning the Civil War -- Sadie Kneller Miller, the first woman war correspondent, who was the only woman baseball reporter in the country when she covered the Baltimore Orioles in the 1890's -- Mary Katharine Goddard, a printer who published the first copy of the Declaration of Independence that was signed by all of the celebrated signators -- Belva Lockwood, a lawyer who ran for President of the U.
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