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In addition, the increased density combined with a high environmental stress cracking resistance can increase the creep stress level of polyethylene, which is particularly important for large rotationally moulded containers and tanks typically exposed to internal pressure during storage.
Dyneon says its PFA-Flex offers improved environmental stress crack resistance in the presence of these chemicals.
Hydration and acclimatization to environmental stress are critical to helping keep the active body free from injury.
To combat such losses, Ray Bressan, professor of horticulture and director of Purdue University's Center for Plant Environmental Stress Physiology, West Lafayette, Ind.
The new UHP grades, PFA-Flex X8502 for extrusion and 8515 for injection molding, are also said to be more resistant to environmental stress cracking (ESCR) than conventional PFAs.
It offers outstanding environmental stress crack resistance, as well as high chemical and impact resistance.
This site is dedicated to plant environmental stress in agriculture and biology.
According to hepetologist David Wake of the University of California, Berkeley, "Amphibians are excellent indicators of environmental stress.
Today's offices are more crowded, and the increased use of load generating equipment such as computers and copiers adds another environmental stress.
BASF Plant Science GmbH (Germany) has patented a transgenic plant transformed by a Protein Kinase Stress-Related Protein (PKSRP) coding nucleic acid, wherein expression of the nucleic acid sequence in the plant results in increased tolerance to environmental stress as compared to a wild type variety of the plant.
Established in 1971, the publication includes content on laboratory and field research in areas such as health, race relations, discrimination, group processes, population growth, crowding, accelerated cultural change, violence, poverty, environmental stress, helping behavior, effects of the legal system on society and the individual, political participation and extremism, communication, negotiations among nations, socioeconomics, social aspects of drug use, organizational and industrial issues, behavioral medicine and environmental psychology.
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) is developing a comprehensive program that addresses how gene expression is altered under different forms of environmental stress and how this alters the risk of developing disease.
The major objectives of genetic transformation of rubber trees at the RRII was the introduction of genes controlling specific agronomic traits--such as the genes for resisting diseases, drought and other environmental stress tolerance, enhanced rubber biosynthesis and timber yield, and tolerance to tapping panel dryness, etc.
John Pezzuto, who oversees the research at the university's College of Pharmacy, said that resveratrol was a chemical defense agent that the plant produced in response to environmental stress, especially fungal infections.
Susceptibility to pests increases as a system is simplified, and resilience in the face of environmental stress goes down.
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