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act of correcting an error or a fault or an evil

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Dialogue among all interested parties is essential to build mutual trust related to nuclear science and technology issues, said Horst Monken-Fernandes, an Environmental Remediation Specialist at the IAEA.
said that, “BCEER has become the leader in environmental remediation in China through a deep technical experience, intelligent business practices, and an eye for the future of the remediation industry in China.
Novel technologies (such as nanotechnology) in the field of environmental remediation (such as water, soil, and air);
With the expensing option no longer available for costs paid or incurred after December 31, 2007, taxpayers will now have to more closely analyze their environmental remediation costs to determine whether there are still some costs that can be expensed under Sec.
The company's product has attracted a great deal of interest in environmental remediation applications from governments and private companies in Europe and Canada "primarily because of what we see as an increased sensitivity to the environmental danger posed by synthetic surfactants," Procopio says.
But, environmental remediation would be particularly amenable to broad guidance as projects tend to have similar characteristics.
Section 768 of the Senate bill permits taxpayers to elect to treat certain environmental remediation expenditures that are otherwise chargeable to capital accounts as deductible in the year paid or incurred in respect of sites within "targeted" areas (so-called Brownfields areas).
Kalis believes companies must not only elevate environmental remediation to the strategic level, but they must view the strategic group "as having a mission that's continuous in nature, rather than responding to an event that's time bound in any sense.
He said about 70 percent of the work done locally involves environmental remediation or compliance, 20 percent is construction-oriented, the rest miscellaneous.
Natural Zeolites Find Application in Environmental Remediation
Nuclear decommissioning and environmental remediation share a common objective: to reduce radiation exposure to people and the environment at sites where radioactivity levels require restrictions in their use.
During 1993, it was required by state and Federal authorities to conduct environmental remediation activities for waste byproducts generated in the 1940-1987 tax years.
Real estate is not a core business for most owners of contaminated property, while even fewer property owners are experienced at environmental remediation.
The American Institute of CPAs accounting standards executive committee is ready to issue a statement of position on environmental remediation liabilities.
Because the IRS definition of "incidental repairs" is completely subjective, the standard is not likely to facilitate the analysis of the deductibility of environmental remediation expenditures nor is it likely to assist in the resolution of cases by Exam or Appeals.
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