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the philosophical doctrine that environment is more important than heredity in determining intellectual growth

the activity of protecting the environment from pollution or destruction

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The environmental protection industry is in the golden period of external development environment and in the growth period on the whole.
In point of downstream customers, Longking Environmental Protection covers a wider scope, earned RMB1.
On 26 Nov 2011, State Council Vice Premier Keqiang Li indicated in his opening speech for the "Sino-Japanese Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Comprehensive Forum", that with the worsening of the Euro Debt Crisis, many countries are experiencing slower growth and rising prices, the probability of a long-term global economic downturn has expanded.
Providing safe drinking water for all residents of the City is our top priority, and the Croton project needs to move ahead to meet this goal," said Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Emily Lloyd.
I think environmental protection is a conservative value," he says.
The tactical retreat comes as Democratic opposition to changes in environmental laws is intensifying, the White House is claiming environmental protection as a central election issue, and one poll after another suggests that the public thinks the Republicans tried to take regulatory changes too far.
One economic official from Northern Ontario said that unfortunately the majority of the growth occurs in southern Ontario, while the most of the environmental protection efforts have targetted Northern Ontario.
In 2009, the environmental protection industry continued its growth momentum, posting a gross sales output of RMB 261.
As China's investment in environmental protection continued to increase, environmental protection industry will become a new growth point of the national economy.
So HPD and the Environmental Protection Agency teamed up to educate property owners, managers, and superintendents on what they can do to help the city with its water shortage.
Of those killed, the most egregious included a measure to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from enforcing compliance with Kyoto's global warming standards, and another which would have gutted the Endangered Species Act.
com/research/3d23ba/research_report_on) has announced the addition of the "Research Report on Chinese Environmental Protection Industry, 2010-2011" report to their offering.
7 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- CCID Consulting, China's leading research, consulting and IT outsourcing service provider, and the first Chinese consulting firm listed in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Stock Exchange: HK08235), recently released its article on China's environmental protection industry.
The author is the chief scientist in the New York State Attorney General's Environmental Protection Bureau and was actively involved in the 1996 action against Monsanto.
But in terms of investing political capital in environmental protection the done very little.
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