climate change

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a change in the world's climate

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The Environmental Change and Infectious Disease (EnvID) framework uses a systems theory structure to integrate and analyze disparate information from a variety of disciplines.
Director and producer Kit Tyler brings the story of environmental change to life through stunning aerials and cinematography across the state and interviews with more than 40 leaders in science, education and business.
Before-and-after" studies in the atlas demonstrate the pace of development in the region, offering examples of wide-ranging environmental change, including land use change, urban growth, degradation of marine and coastal areas, altered hydrology and shrinking water bodies, loss of habitats and impacts of climate change.
We found that populations evolve rapidly in response to environmental change and population management.
The proposed research, which focuses on land system change as one of the dominant processes of global environmental change, contributes to a new generation of integrated global assessment models.
Global Change Research Program, increasing attention is devoted to the interactions of coupled human-environmental systems, understanding the societal consequences of environmental change, and providing information in a fashion that is useful to decisionmakers.
A study of Snowdon by the Environmental Change Network paints a mixed picture of its future
Gerald believes that while environmental change represents perhaps the most critical issue of our time, the question of which scientific projects get funded - including potential solutions - remains a problem.
She said: "I want to develop a much clearer understanding of the long-term environmental change in the Canadian Arctic "We hope to establish whether the channels were fully occupied by thick glaciers or just by floating ice shelves (like those in Antarctica) during the last ice age, and what environmental changes have taken place since that time.
It tells our focus should be on how to avoid the worst--and how to handle environmental change that is now inevitable.
Hawar Island, Tubli, Arad, the fashts (reefs) and other protected sites in Bahrain are expected to be selected for the UN-led project - Atlas of Environmental Change for West Asia.
OTCBB:MTKN), developer of smart wireless security networks, has completed its first release of the iRFID, an Intelligent RFID for placement inside shipping containers and on shipping pallets to keep track of and report any disturbance or environmental change.
For this new edition, editors Conca (Government and Politics, University of Maryland) and Dabelko (Environmental Change and Security, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars) completely revised and updated the book, and added fourteen new readings on topics such as globalization and environmental change, transnational activist networks, and linkages between climate change and human rights.
One of the most important lessons of the work is that predictions of the consequences of environmental change on populations must take into account both ecological and evolutionary complexities, according to Jason Harmon, a UW-Madison postdoctoral researcher and lead author of the new study.
Pritchard (plant physiology, College of Charleston) and Amthor (former program manager at US Department of Energy) integrate their discussion of the physiological effects of environmental change with background information on basic plant physiology.
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