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Though "Rising Currents" rallies environmental alarmism in order to dispel it through architectural optimism, something of Woods's darker vision, of an architecture assimilated to the catastrophic side of nature, remains.
Public knowledge of forestry practices has improved over the years, but some misperceptions about the state of Ontario's forests still persist due to "junk science" and environmental alarmism, say officials with two of the country's largest forest company associations.
An article earlier this year in Fortune magazine, hardly a source of environmental alarmism, reported that a study prepared for the Department of Defense outlines a worst-case scenario of escalating chaos: extreme cold in northern Europe, the migration of people south ward, widespread droughts, catastrophic famines, dust storms, increasing political instability, nuclear proliferation, and resource wars--in short, a descent into a warring Dark Ages, but this time with nuclear weapons.
At times, cultural theorists collapse market individualism and hierarchy into a single "establishment" or "center" culture that downplays environmental and technological risks (Douglas and Wildavsky 1982, chapter 5); at other times, they suggest that hierarchists will be somewhere in between the environmental alarmism of egalitarians and the unbridled optimism of competitive individualists (Thompson, Ellis, and Wildavsky 1990, 26-7).
Environmental alarmism used to be more understandable.
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