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the philosophical doctrine that environment is more important than heredity in determining intellectual growth

the activity of protecting the environment from pollution or destruction

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In order to give a chance for the prime minister-designate to come up with a radical solution to close the Nmeh waste dump through relevant officials and ministries, we agreed with him that we would open the road for Sukleen trucks for 48 hours," Walid Qadi, an environmental activist, said after the meeting.
His exposure led to the collapse of a pounds 1million trial of six environmental activists who were accused of trying to shut down a coal-fired power station in Nottinghamshire.
ExxonMobil has long been a favorite target of environmental activists, especially since the tanker Exxon Valdez sank off the coast of Alaska in 1989, covering all those adorable Arctic animals in oil.
The old paradigm through which environmental activists tried to take on powerful and deadly polluters relied on three separate but equally important tactics: campaigns to stoke public outrage by linking the illnesses and deaths of particular victims to a particular polluter; aggressive lawsuits brought by the private torts bar; and prescriptive federal regulation to penalize non-compliant localities and industries.
The foundation also gave awards to environmental activists from Honduras, Kazakhstan, the Congo, Romania, and Haiti.
Highly recommended reading, especially for environmental activists and academicians, Sonoita Plain would well serve as a template or modelf for similar books on other natural environment restoration landscape projects elsewhere in the country.
Minchin uses the sign, put up in 1986 by workers locked out of the BASF plant in Geismar, Louisiana, to illustrate the unlikely alliance that took place during the lockout between labor and environmental activists.
Transit passengers and environmental activists can get active to increase the number of cleaner buses on America's roadways.
The panel will consist of 15-20 members including town leaders, business owners, environmental activists and residents--especially those who live around the foundry.
The notion that critically self-conscious environmental imaginations produce environmentally responsible citizens may seem self-evident, but some environmental activists and critics dispute the claim that changing the way we see, conceive, and imagine the natural world necessarily changes the way we act in and on it.
The New York Daily News has reported cautious support for the company's plan among community groups and environmental activists, although the neighborhood already houses a sewage treatment plant, a fertilizer factory, nine waste transfer stations and a wholesale produce market, contributing to heavy truck traffic.
A symbiotic relationship must exist between management, labor, government, and environmental activists that provides more effective results from working together than from pursuing separate actions.
Spanish-speaking environmental activists and educators have a new online resource for science-based toxicology information: Toxicologia Ambiental: Evaluacion de Riesgos y Restauracion Ambiental, by Carlos E.
In "Under the Knife" (CE: April 2002), the writer asserts that "by not adequately responding to global warming, Exxon Mobil has become the target of a number of environmental activists.
However, the town's diversification strategy has raised the hackles of environmental activists in the Timiskaming district who battled Temagami logging, the Adams Mine landfill and now the town's proposed hazardous waste incinerator by Bennett Environmental Inc.
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