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Association of neighborhood design and recreation environment variables with physical activity and body mass index in adolescents.
Further, the institutional environment variables are strongly related to corporate governance practices, while culture is less correlated with corporate governance practices.
Research by Fendrich, Warner, and Weissman (1990) also reported that family environment variables such as marital discord, parent-child conflict, affectionless control, and low levels of cohesion were much more prominent in families with a depressed parent.
the slope coefficient on the legal environment variable in a credit rating regression) is different for low debt burden countries compared to high debt burden countries.
Therefore, in addition to the built environment variables, we selected two sociodemographic variables: poverty rate (estimated percent of people of all ages in poverty) and ethnic heterogeneity derived from the Census 2010 data.
To sum up, in this study we confirm that the regional characteristic variables, macro environment variables, regional institutional variables and spatial effect variables can jointly have a significant impact on the Chinese regional unemployment rate.
Finally, the interest rate environment variables indicate that callable bonds are issued when the yield on the 10-year Treasury (T-10 Yield) is high, the yield curve is flatter, and interest rates are volatile.
To assess the improvement, if any, when stand density, treatments, site index, and other growing environment variables are included.
2003), which related built environment variables to health outcomes.
They had similar findings which suggested that various organizational and individual work environment variables such as internal communication, organizational structure, political climate, participation in decision making, independence, benefits, and job effectiveness affected overall job satisfaction and were in need of improvement.
Implementation: during this stage, programmers must sanitize all program input (the character streams representing a programs' entire interface with its environment-not just the command lines and environment variables that are the focus of most security analysis).
A binary choice probit model was estimated to determine the relationship between a variety of socioeconomic, political and policy environment variables in the decision to implement and maintain an economic education mandate.
The sports environment variables as a group are clearly important variables.
Organizational environment variables include company size and new security issues.
The LIFE Program incorporates the positive environment variables as outlined by Dr.
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