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Synonyms for entrust

Synonyms for entrust

to put in the charge of another for care, use, or performance

to place a trust upon


Synonyms for entrust

put into the care or protection of someone

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A software library is provided as part of the package, which provides the interface between the Entrust software and the CA Security Module hardware.
In addition to reselling Entrust software, Unisys will provide consulting and systems integration services to clients.
Entrust software can help enable enterprises and governments to extend their business reach to customers, partners and employees.
0 will also include a roaming login, which provides secure mobility for users, allowing them to conduct trusted transactions from any workstation, and a "live update feature" for easy management of Entrust software upgrades.
Widely used by financial institutions, government agencies and high-tech corporations, the Entrust software family provides a comprehensive security solution across multiple platforms for desktops, corporate networks, intranets and the Internet.
At these interoperability trials, Entrust software was used to issue certificates to VPN products from multiple vendors.