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Entrepreneurs can watch videos of these coaches offering tips and guidance on networking and positioning, step-by-step eBay selling, getting out of a sales slump and more.
As you can imagine, finding entrepreneurs and telling their stories is his mission.
At least a dozen newsletters, websites, and journals with "entrepreneur" in their names are effectively on high alert following the decision by the 9th Court of Appeals to uphold an award of over $1 million in damages and fees for Scott Smith's infringement of Entrepreneur Media's trade-marked brand name, "entrepreneur.
All of the really successful entrepreneurs I know share three traits: focus, exchange and trust.
In addition to this, local entrepreneurs will be able to capitalize on Youth Business' other two programs: Mentoring and YouthBusiness.
Reiss puts forth 10 attributes that he writes all entrepreneurs must possess: passion, curiosity, a work ethic, energy, flexibility, balance, perseverance, a healthy dose of selfishness, greed (in moderation) and integrity.
Entrepreneurs dream dreams, and then get to work to make those dreams a reality.
Although this economic transformation is difficult and painful for America's work force, it offers new opportunities, virtually impossible a decade ago, for entrepreneurs with disabilities.
Last year, 9 entrepreneurs in 9 categories from The Carolinas' were selected as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year award winners from more than 85 nominations.
Our readers like to know how prosperous entrepreneurs endure and how lessons learned can be applied to their own business endeavors.
and his dedicated team at BLACK ENTERPRISE have served as a valuable source of business news and information for both aspiring entrepreneurs and veteran professionals.
I have also been fortunate to discuss with many venture capitalists and physician entrepreneurs how he system really works.
Unlike business plan competitions, in which contestants pitch their own ideas to investors, students participating in VCIC play the role of investors and review pitches presented by real entrepreneurs.
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