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a dish that is served with, but is subordinate to, a main course

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The Entremets in the semifinal - my time management flew out the window and there was no time for decoration.
enters the bakeware category with the introduction of Silpat Entremet, a new casserole-style silicone baking pan.
Owing to production problems, the volume's last contribution, |SGGK and the fourteenth-century interlude' by Victoria Weiss, is sliced off mid-sentence on a hyphen -- but not before she has glossed Arthur's projection of the Green Knight as an interlude-player with interesting chronicle evidence about an entremet in which |blood-spattered squires' interrupted Edward I's marriage banquet with rehearsed challenges both gamesome and serious.
Shelton achieved the esteemed title of Pastry Chef of the Year with his winning creation titled "Origins," which consisted of three components: a chocolate oriented showpiece and blown sugar; an entremet comprised of chocolate, passion fruit, banana and hazelnut layers; and praline bonbons.
Chefs Smoake-Dewitt's creations included the following: * chocolate/hazelnut & apricot entremet * pistachio ice cream-cherry sorbet and nugatine parfait entremets glace * fig-apple and praline cheese viennoiserie * creamy caramel kugelhopf with yogurt sorbet plated dessert * caramelized onion specialty bread * classical French baguettes