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Serodiagnosis with immunodiffusion can be used as an adjunctive diagnostic method; the test appears to be very specific for B ranarum with no crossreactivity with other species of the order Entomophthorales, but its sensitivity has not been determined.
Key words: entomophthorales, fungi, pathogens, insect pests, horticulture, crops, Argentina.
Los mucorales, habitualmente producen infeccion en pacientes inmunocomprometidos y tienen una evolucion aguda y los entomophthorales producen infecciones cronicas en pacientes inmunocompetentes (2).
The histopathologic appearance of GIB may be confused with Conidiobolus coronatus, another Entomophthorales, or mucormycosis [7].
2003), provavelmente as aplicacoes de fungicidas para o controle da ferrugem estejam contribuindo para a diminuicao da incidencia de fungos entomopatogenicos, como Nomuraea rileyi, e daqueles pertencentes ao grupo dos Entomophthorales, como Pandora sp.
The order Entomophthorales belongs to the subphylum Zygomycotina under the phylum Zygomycota.
Organisms of the class Zygomycetes, which includes the orders Mucorales and Entomophthorales, are well-known causes of infection in the upper and lower respiratory tract, orbit, meninges, brain, and other sites.