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The processed products positively influenced acceptability of entomophagy among different socioeconomic classes around Maseno University in Kenya.
Nevertheless, entomophagy remains common in some parts of the world with at least two billion people worldwide eating insects, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN.
The population of those that never participated in entomophagy was less than 10% across the age groups in all the provinces.
So entomophagy (en-tuh- MAH-fah-gee), or the act of eating insects, can provide a critical source of protein for people.
Entomophagy, admits to never cooking insects at home.
She has authored several papers in entomophagy and developed several processed food products of edible insects.
MSc Entomology student Katy Dainton, who is studying insects as food, said: "The practice of eating insects is called entomophagy.
com, an entomophagy (insect eating) website, most people inadvertently have consumed more than a pound of insects in their lifetime.
Gordon will be sharing recipes from his book ``The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook,'' and also entertaining his audience with the historic global practice of bug eating - known as entomophagy - at 2 p.
Aletheia Price is a California resident and lifelong homeschooler whose interests include entomophagy, web design and nonfiction writing.
Entomophagy, however, is not commonly practiced in Sabah except by some rural and elderly people.
The contributors address such subjects as gender in American wild game cookbooks, entomophagy, and the many uses of cattails.