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the branch of zoology that studies insects

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Rosser Garrison, an entomologist with the Agricultural Commissioner's Office of Los Angeles County.
Besides, says Paul Bello, an urban entomologist in Atlanta, Georgia, roaches are nocturnal.
Biological pest control was born in California in 1889 when the Vedalia ladybird beetle and cryptochetum fly were introduced to prey on the cottony cushion scale, a citrus pest, entomologists said.
It's kind of like a skeleton worn on the outside, which is why entomologists call it an exoskeleton.
Entomologists often need to write research reports, so it's important to develop good writing and communications skills.
Containing invited contributions by insect scientists and other entomologists, this annually produced volume synthesizes current research in 22 key areas in the field.
For decades, entomologists have used radar to pick out masses of migrating insects at high altitudes, but the technology proved even less effective than the naked eye at tracking a single insect closer to the ground.
These papers and artifacts are an important resource for historians, entomologists, and others interested not only in Riley's accomplishments but also in getting a firsthand picture of what life must have been like in days of Charles Darwin (with whom Riley corresponded), explorer John Wesley Powell (a fellow member of the Cosmos men's club that Riley helped found in Washington, D.
Boys in Japan become amateur entomologists, poring over colorful field guides and embarking on beetle-hunting expeditions.
In addition, entomologists with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Ga.
Evans also includes stories from the history of entomology, describing the swarms of locusts that decimated entire crops in the mid-west in the 1870s and detailing the important contributions of early entomologists such as C.
Bangladeshi entomologists have long advocated an integrated approach to the country's mosquito problem.
Some time ago, entomologists studying wasps and wood lice (which most of us call sow bugs) noticed that some species of these insects reproduce parthenogenetically, that is, without males (in fact without mating) and produce only (or mostly) female offspring.
The site also includes management tips, maps of the specific counties affected, as well as links to university entomologists and images of corn damaged by corn rootworms.