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right granted by law or contract (especially a right to benefits)

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After the difficult experience with EES, the Federal government developed the General Employee Entitlements Redundancy Scheme (GEERS) in 2002.
A claim entitlement would allow farmers to claim a flat rate payment which is proportional to the amount of land they declare - there would be no fixed number of entitlements re-created for farmers as is currently proposed," said Dr Fenwick.
Since the start of the current trading period in October, the firm has sold some 1,400 entitlements compared with around 600 in the same period last year.
Twenty nursing, administrative and medical staff were told the practice would be stopping trading at midnight and it was unlikely there were funds to cover wages or accrued leave entitlements.
As long as the use is mainly agricultural and the use of the public highway is incidental, the driver does not need to hold the appropriate heavy goods entitlements.
MIDLAND workers have been warned that the Government has postponed increasing holiday entitlement to 2009.
Firstly, there is no obligation on your employer to include the leave entitlements on your payslip.
CA Identity Manager leverages the CA Integration Platform to unify and simplify the management of enterprise-wide security by utilizing consistent workflow capabilities for user administration and entitlements.
Halls auctioneers of Shropshire believe the sale of Single Payment Scheme entitlements, which have replaced the old system of agricultural quotas and subsidies will attract nationwide interest.
As defense and entitlement spending has grown, most everything else that the US government does has been squeezed and squeezed again in search of savings.
Bolten thinks "stars have aligned in a way" to make the first six months of 2007 a time when Republicans and Democrats may be open to compromise on overhauling costly entitlements.
Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Kristol said "traditional conservative fiscal monomania" about entitlements "leads to political impotence and a bankrupt social policy.
True, doing away with entitlements has budgetary advantages for government, but in all the debate over block grants there has been a troubling factor: elderly population growth is not being acknowledged.
State-level experiments like Engler's are destined to fail if the federal government pulls the rug out from under them by doing away with welfare entitlements.
While only about half the area's State Water Project entitlement can be shipped and stored in the Santa Clarita Valley, the Castaic Lake Water Agency and Newhall Land contend that separate water purchases and other state programs justify using 100 percent of the entitlements for long-term planning.